As part of the CITY 2.0 project , we are happy to announce the 4th TEDx Addis event will focus on "The CITY OF THE FUTURE" .

We draw on the best of what is already being discovered by urban advocates and add grassroots movers and shakers into the mix. What's emerging is a complex picture of the future city--a place more playful, more safe, more beautiful, and more healthy for everyone.

Addis City 2.0


EVENT DATE : October 12, 2013
WHO WE WANT:  We are open to speakers from all disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives. Any one who has an interesting story , or an idea in which the audience will learn out of it . Simply "IDEAS WORTH SPREADING " .
SUBMISSIONS:  Please fill out the speaker nomination form here: and we will contact you if we are interested in more information. We encourage you to submit your proposal early, as speaking slots do fill up very quickly.
SUBMISSION Dead line : August 1st 2013


Housing : Cities are where we grow up, they shape our identities, and they create our families. Urban advocates have long struggled with the daunting, but compelling challenge of finding ways to make housing more dignifying. We all deserve to feel fully at home in our houses and cities.Smart buildings, energy efficiency, building automation, and  smart cities.

Health: Cities are one of the most powerful indicators of our personal and public health--everything from access to nutritious food to the safety of our streets, to the quality of the very air we breathe influences our wellbeing, and the longevity of our lives.

Public Space: Cities are fundamentally shared spaces. Whether it's in parks, plazas, or public libraries--we gather together and become something bigger. It is in these shared spaces that we have historically generated some of the most influential cultures, disruptions, and ideas that the world has ever seen.

Education: Cities are big, noisy classrooms. They teach us how to live with and learn from people totally unlike us, draw on the past and push into the future, and be entrepreneurial and resilient. No grades; just transformation.

Transportation: Cities today face what can sometimes feel like insurmountable obstacles when it comes to transportation. Experts are looking at how we can better manage car travel, update public transportation systems, and keep bike commuters safe—among so many other needs.

Art: Cities were once described by artist JR, winner of the 2011 TED Prize, as the "largest art gallery in the world." Public art allows people to see themselves, their aspirations, and struggles reflected in the urban infrastructure. Cities are thus a canvas, albeit rarely a blank one.

Food: Cities have been the center of an explosion of interest in food justice all over the world in the last few years alone. We're thinking more urgently and more intentionally about how our food is grown, shipped, prepared, and shared than ever before. So what and who is at your table?

EnergyCorporate energy & emissions management, demand response, policy & regulation,and integrating renewable

Information Technology - Cloud computing,mobility and the Internet of Things, analytics & actionable insight